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The Senior Portrait Experience

The Experience:

            Every Senior experience is unique, just like you are. Starting things off right, Rachelle will schedule a one-on-one personal strategy session. (Even though we say one-on-one, we prefer a parent or guardian be present.) In this session, you can expect to dream big and get creative!  Your senior portraits should reflect who YOU are. If you are in to something, share it! No idea is too crazy. Rachelle will partner with you and your parents to make your ideal portraits a reality.


            Not only will she create a plan for your session, Rachelle will help you pick out your wardrobe to get the best images possible. Having been a photographer for over 16 years, she has learned a lot about what looks good and, more importantly, what does not.

            Once the details are agreed upon, it’s time to get ready! Prior to your session, Rachelle will send you an insider’s guide of what to expect during your session. This is a insiders guide created by Rachelle based on her experiences. She will give you tips about hair, makeup, accessories, things to bring that you would never think of…deodorant, comfy walking shoes, etc. There are also pages dedicated specifically for making notes about your session plans. Rachelle wants your session to be the best possible. Having a plan and sticking to it helps to ensure that.

            Your BIG DAY is here! Get up early, eat a good meal, and take your time putting everything in the car, checking it all again as you load it up. Tell your parents how thankful you are for the experience! Let them have their input, it’s a huge memory for them too! Arrive 15 minutes early to your location. Have FUN!


Post experience:

            We know, Rachelle is sad that it’s over too!  Now is when Rachelle goes through all your amazing portraits and personally selects the top images. This isn’t a 30 minute process, be patient. To make sure you are truly receiving your best portraits, Rachelle takes several rounds of cuts with your images until the final images are chosen.



            Rachelle is a CERTIFIED ADOBE PHOTOSHOP user. This means you are in good hands. She has years of editing experience and has learned many valuable lessons on portrait editing! Your portraits will be you! Rachelle does not believe in editing to the point that you are unrecognizable. However, everyone has little areas that a camera can’t truly show how awesome you are. Because Rachelle takes a personal editing approach to each and every image, it will take a little bit of time for her to complete your amazing portraits. You can expect to view your portraits in about 4 to 6 weeks after your shoot day.


The Viewing:

            Once Rachelle is complete with editing your portraits, she will set up your viewing session with you and your parents. Your viewing sessions is a dedicated time for just your family to be presented with your final portraits. This is also when you will place your print order. Rachelle will help you choose products that you need. She doesn’t live in your home, so she doesn’t know what you need. This is the main reason you won't find predetermined print packages with her. Instead, each experience has a print credit included in the session. You choose what you want. Once your order is paid in full, your portraits are sent off to a professional print lab. Rachelle does not print any portraits at home. You chose Rachelle to be your professional photographer. Your final prints will be made by a professional too.

Becoming a Senior Model:

           Every summer, Rachelle opens up the application process to all upcoming seniors who want to be a representative of RB Photography & Design at their respective high school. Being a senior model for RB Photography means you get priority scheduling, VIP treatment during shoots, expedited editing, major discounts on your package of choice! I bet you're asking, "what does she want in return?" Here's the deal: As a senior model for RB Photography you have one job,  Go Tell Everyone About Your Amazing Experience having your senior photos done with Rachelle. As with any job, you will get paid. What? Oh yeah! For every new customer Rachelle gets, that tells her they went to her because YOU told them how much you loved your experience, YOU get credits towards any purchase of your senior portraits. If this sounds like something you want to do, send an email to Rachelle and tell her about yourself. Please include a quick selfie so we can see your gorgeous self!  All personalities are encouraged and invited to apply!